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Explore the interactive timeline showcasing how the group has taken motion on information, science, management, recommendation, response and resourcing. allergen once more, even 20 or 30 years later, he or she may suffer something from a light allergic reaction—a simple rash—to severe anaphylactic shock, coma, or even demise, relying upon the circumstances. Thus it could be seen that, unlike disease, which is frequently recognizable, tangible, and quite easily defined, well being is a somewhat nebulous condition and somewhat troublesome to define. disease, good well being as its absence—particularly the absence of constant disease, as a result of the individual afflicted with a sudden attack of seasickness, for instance, may not be regarded as having lost good health as a outcome of such a mishap. However, a person ought to do as a lot as they will to develop resilience and put together the physique and thoughts to cope with illnesses as they arise. The study indicated that people